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Writing as a daily basis

You see, I’ve got a new companion here. Yes, a brand new netbook. For some people, it may be just another netbook. But for me, it’s different because it’s MINE. With this little fella on my side, good Wi-fi signal, (and God’s help, of course) I think the possibility has become virtually unlimited. I can now edit my office files and make graphic design artworks almost everywhere. I should have considered buying this when I started writing my skripsi. (Would it actually help, after all?)

I try to write more as the chances have increased. Like what Mr. Hernowo wrote in his book, Andaikan Buku itu Sepotong Pizza (If that Book were a Slice of Pizza), just write. Write everyday. About your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. The Freedom Writers also gave me a same impression. Every person has stories to tell, even to him/herself. We write, simply because we matter.


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